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About Us

        Lighting Application
        UHI Lighting is focusing on new concept of lighting, promoting green energy, implementing new energy-saving concept. The main applications are: Large outdoor plaza, Engineering fitting, Offices, Shopping malls, Supermarkets and Industrial lighting etc.

        Heating (Electrothermal) Application

        In heating field, we make great effort to adopt new carbon to make heating elopements which are used in commercial and industrial heating, such as electrical heater, industrial painting, and food heating and soften, and etc.

        Specially in the industrial heating , such as, paint coating for plastic, automotive application, textile, solar photovoltaic industry, glass, food, semiconductors, wood, printing, infrared modules.

        The outstanding features are: Carbon heating element has good function of infrared, comparing traditional convection or contact type heating element. And it has the distinct advantage, perfect matching, high efficiency, space saving, energy saving, without slight touch with target object, rapid response etc.

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