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  • Name: New Version of IR Carbon Lamps
  • Number: UHI01-230-1800-W648
  • Time: 2016-06-16
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NEW Version of Carbon Lamps

230V 1800W


EC Eco-design

More Power Output

≥45%Less CO² Emission

≥30% Less Energy Consumption

≥14% More Infrared Radiation Efficiency

A unique design of the heating filament that combines the Japanese Carbon as effective medium-wave radiation with very short response times in 2-5 seconds range and provides higher radiation density and improved mechanical stability. High-quality quartz glass for good transmission and thermal stability, short response time. More efficient to save energy and valuable production space, as well as minimizing maintenance costs.

There are both fast medium wave and medium wave,  with maximum power outputs 150kW/m2,

and medium wave with maximum power outputs 60 kW/m2.   energy concentrated on wavelength 10-15μm


Spec and Types: 

Current production capacity:

Voltage: 6-380V

Length: 118MM-3000MM

Wattage: 100-10000W

Type: Single heating tube, Twin heating tube, Double Jacket heating tube, and any other type ,such as round type, U type, Pear type and C type etc.

Tube surface with clear, frosted, Half Golden Plating, White Reflector , Ruby, and etc.

Ceramic base: SK15, R7s, X metal, with cable, fork, Pin, Spikes.


Application areas:

Paint drying , Food cooking, Plastic Heating, Physiotherapy and Home appliance, such as Heater, Semiconductor Heating, ,Industry Heating such as Car painting and Textile dying


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