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UV germicidal lamps with different bases, diameters, and lengths are available, which offer excellent efficiency. We supply two types of UV lamps, emitting UV-C wavelength at 253.7nm, ozone-free; while emitting UV-C wavelength both at 253.7nm and 185nm, ozone-generating.

Ultraviolet technology has been one of the most effective methods of water treatment and air purification.   UV lamp is the ideal solution for water/air disinfection application in a safe way, without using any chemicals.


1,G23/2G7/2G11 base UV germicidal lamps.

2,  UV lamps are made of high quality quartz.

3,Unique technique for exhaust enables the initial ultraviolet radiation with high intensity and low light declining

4,Average lamp life is 8,000 hours.

5,Ozone-free lamps and ozone-generating lamps are for choice.

6,Quartz sleeves and ballasts are available.

Special Features:                                                                                                                         

110V or 220V starter and capacitor inside

Only capacitor needed by using electronic ballast

High wattages can be made, high density ozone disinfects big area

Reflector or reflector plate matched

More compact, easy to install

Main Application:                                                                                                                         

Aquarium disinfection

Water treatment

air cleaning and disinfection

Air conditioning pipe disinfection


Why Choose US?                                                                                                                

1: Focus on UV industry for 20 years.

2: China UV industry standard.

3:The Professional UV Gemicidal lamp manufacturer in China with complete varieties of UV products

4:Product line covers all industries

5: Supply customized products for our customers.

6: Provide perfect solution for every customer.

7: Own modern digital industrial park for large-scale and standardized production.

8. Strong R&D team product with patent design, our lamps have high UV output.

Product Advantage:                                                                                                                   

 Long life

The average life is over 8,000 hours

High ultraviolet output

We adopt the high purity quartz tubes and advanced manufacturing technique to make sure the Creator’s lamps with high ultraviolet output.

Small light decay

The UV light decay is low during the life time.

Reliability and stability

Advanced manufacturing technology and supervising quality guaranteed that our lamps are provided with dependability, stability, consistency.


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