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  • Name: Infrared Low Glare Heater Lamp
  • Number: UHI-LGU
  • Time: 2014-11-05
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Item Name: Infrared Low Glare Heater Lamp

Innovation technology

-Much more efficient than Dr. Fischer’s Ganeta (Low Glare Version)

-Low Glare internal coating

-Up to 90% less dazzling light proportion

-Candlelight atmosphere in comforting warmth

-With golden layer for the second heating

-ECO design


Energy efficiency and heat effectiveness

-No convection with air, directly heats up the people (no heat loss caused by draught)

-About 98% electricity is converted into heat

-Instant: heater effective within second of switching on


Environment friendly and safe


-No by-products (no direct CO2 or NOX emission)

-No oxygen consumption

-Meets all standards (as a lamp)



-10000hrs lifetime guarantee



Any IR Halogen heater lamps of Dr. Fischer, e.g. Ganeta, HeLeN,Lucia,Vitae,

We can make into our own LowGlareUltra lamp

Any clients’ requirement can be negotiated and made.


Technology Comparative Details



Heating Lamp

Carbon Clear/

Frosted Heating Lamp

LowGlareUnltra Heating Lamp


Lifetime: more than 5000hrs

Lifetime: more than 8000hrs





Infrared Wave

Short Wave

Fast medium and medium wave

Long wave

Wave length

78 up to 1400nm



Color Temperature



< 965K

Reduced light radiation approx.

Comparing with Halogen


20-30% less

Up to 90% less

Reduced lumen approx.

< 800 lux

< 300 lux

< 50 lux

Transfer efficiency




Heating Output time

< 2 sec.

< 5 sec.

< 8 sec.

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